​We are always accepting, and grateful for, qualified foster mamas and papas! We can only save as many lives as we have the space (and funds) to care for, which makes foster parents essential to rescue! So here's the deal:

As a foster home your job is to provide daily care, love, shelter, exercise & mental stimulation. You open your home to someone who needs a place to stay until they find their forever which, depending on the individual, may or may not include secure fencing, species appropriate housing & bedding (dog house, crates, kitty tree, etc.), daily exercise and mental stimulation such as simple manners and play time. 

The rescue assesses and addresses diet & nutrition, any health concerns or major medical issues, and behavioral considerations. The rescue will also finance as much or as little of the individual's care as the foster parent indicates is necessary for their particular situation. Some people want to provide for all of their foster's needs and fund the animal completely, while others choose to simply provide a safe space and daily care while the rescue sees to the rest.

We also appreciate volunteer efforts such as dog walking, the building of animal houses, donations of supplies, and likes and shares on facebook!  

For more foster and volunteer information contact the rescue director, Ali at 860.336.7555.


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