Whole Food Nutrition

Did you know that diet is a huge contributor to both behavioral and health issues?


At 11th House Rescue we feed whole, raw foods along with a kibble formulated from whole food ingredients. The specific raw foods used depend on the animal's particular needs. Each one is treated as an individual and provided with the ingredients necessary for them to thrive.

Whole food examples of what we feed:


Raw meat


Baked sweet potato

Baked squash

Boiled beets

Boiled carrots

Stewed & fresh greens (in small quantities)




Melons of all kind

Raw goat's milk (raw is best and only goat, never cow)

Coconut oil

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for your best friend.

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We are proud to feed dog & cat kibble made by Life's Abundance, a company that uses whole food ingredients and has NEVER had a recall!


Kibble, wet food, treats and supplements  that you can feel good feeding. 

This company was heavily researched by 11th House Rescue founder, who was delighted to find an impressive moral foundation. Life's Abundance donates to sustainable charities and refuses to use anything but the safest human grade ingredients for your pet's food, which means that since the company started in 2000, they have never had a recall. That means that they have never killed or injured a member of someones fur family which is, sadly, not something that many pet food companies can say.  That, in conjunction with the fact that they use only the most nutritious ingredients means that they passed 11th House Rescue scrutiny with flying colors! If you're interested in stellar nutrition for your loved ones, take a look.

Full disclosure: Purchasing through any of the links on this page supports the founder of this rescue, Ali Lund, which allows her to continue doing unpaid rescue work. If you're interested in providing support through the purchase of Life's Abundance products please be sure to set up any auto-shipments or one-time purchases through this web address:


Making purchases at the regular Life's Abundance site will not benefit Ali.

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